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WC54 ambulance in process

1956 C4PW Dodge Power Wagon Restoration

1963 Dodge M37B1

1945 M20 Armored Car

1956 C3PW Dodge Power Wagon

Installation of a 3116 CAT Diesel Engine into a M35A2 truck

John Deere 245 Front End Loader

1962 M37B1

M152 NOR-CON Specialties

1971 M35A2

M715 Brush Fire Truck

Dodge M37's CUMMINS Repowered

M37 Cummins Resto/Mod Project Truck in process.

Mickey’s Shop

1963 Dodge WM300 flat fender Power Wagon

DODGE M37 completely rebuilt from the bare frame up

1951 Dodge B3PW flat fender Power Wagon

1948 WDX Dodge Power Wagon “CURRENTLY IN PROCESS”

Dodge M37

5-Speed Overdrive Transmission

Center Rural VFD

M60 WRECKER body off restoration

1967 Kaiser - Jeep M715 Truck - Trailer Combination

M100 trailer, completely restored

800 series 5-ton dump truck

1948 CJ2A JEEP completely restored

WM300 Dodge Power Wagon