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1963 Dodge WM300 flat fender Power Wagon

Service performed:

  • 100% rebuild of all drive train components to include transmission, pto, transfer case,
  • Front & rear differentials, & front winch,
  • Using all new bearings & our pinion seal upgrade kit.
  • Winch got a certified assembly of 175' of new 6X37 cable with 5' grade 100-leader chain, hook, & connecting hardware.
  • Leader chain is inserted in a Kevlar cover,
  • 100% brake system rebuild back to original.
  • The 251 engine received a complete tune-up to include an electronic ignition system. The cracked exhaust manifold was repaired & an all new aluminized exhaust system installed.

This truck was previously used in a wrecker application. For this reason the front bumper components had been heavily modified with additional items welded in place & the whole set up was bent out of shape & distorted from heavy use. Restoration of this area required that everything be disassembled, (cut apart). We were able to salvage & repair/straighten all the original components. This took some time & serious skill to bring this area back to original. As you can see in the photos, it turned out quite well in the end.

Rust damage had taken its toll on the cab frame mounts. These were cut out & replaced by welding new metal into the cab.