M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43,V41, M56 military trucks.

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On this episode of My Classic Car, we'll travel to Roanoke, Virginia for Star City Motor Madness. This gathering brings in a huge range of star-quality classics and customs for a weekend of Virginia cruisin'. The segment can be viewed at www.myclassiccar.com season.

This was a distinct honor for the owner’s Doug and Kelli Crickey and M Series Rebuild as the builder of the truck. See Photos


Servicing 1/4 thru 10 ton, all body variations

M SERIES REBUILD LLC now offers restoration and upgrade service for the civilian line of Dodge Power Wagons including our Cummins diesel repower package. This includes all WDX - WM300 Dodge Power Wagons.

We strive to meet exact customer specifications on every vehicle, whether it is a 100% purist original restoration for showing, a daily driver, or a custom reprocessed truck to be used in a commercial application.

We have done a number of up-grades to various vehicles in respect to enhancing safety & handling characteristics. This is especially true with fire service trucks. Up-grades such as diesel power, disc brakes, beefed up suspensions, and power steering used on M37 trucks reprocessed for fire service have brought back good reports from drivers and officials.

Drivers report good handling, good braking, plenty of power on road with good low end torque and ease of hydraulic power steering when in off road situations. Officials say they can own two reprocessed M37's fully equipped with aluminum tank, pump, hose & reel units for the cost of one current production 4 wheel drive truck. They report the off road ability of M37 with powertrax locker is unsurpassed in its class. Check out this truck on our services page. These trucks were previously owned by the department prior to being reprocessed.

We will acquire trucks for restoration-reprocessing or
restore-reprocess trucks you currently own.

In tough economic times many have decided to reprocess M-SERIES trucks they currently own. Some planned to sell them at auction or just scrap them, while others said they couldn't get parts or did not have anyone who could properly service them. Others have sold them for various reasons, later realizing the mistake after seeing vehicles we have done for others. M-SERIES REBUILD LLC specializes in M-SERIES vehicles, built to order whatever your application may be. Type in your specifications on our "CONTACT US" page and I will get back with you. Thanks for your support.

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