M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43,V41, M56 military trucks.


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100% RESTORATIONS of ¼ thru 10 ton, all body types.

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100% RESTORATIONS, minor & major repair-rebuilding, show quality vehicles, daily drivers, commercial duty.

  • Component rebuilding: engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shaft, differential, steering knuckle, steering gear, starter, generator, alternator, distributor, wiring harness, fuel pump, brake system, power-takeoff, winch, along with hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders used on dump models and wrecker-crane trucks.


  • Sandblasting or chemical paint removal, rust damage repair epoxy powder coat priming or wet coat priming with etching primer, finished with military enamel colors to original specs., or your color choice acrylic enamel, buffed to high gloss if desired. The above is usually done 100% body-off, being reassembled using new mounts, weather stripping on fenders, doors, windows, windshields, etc., non-tinted glass is used for replacement, however tinted glass is available upon request.


  • Our line of 24-volt electronic ignition modules is now expanded to cover both 4 and 6 cylinder military distributors. This covers all Jeeps & trucks with military standard waterproof distributors.
  • We also stock 6 &12 volt electronic ignition modules for early series non-waterproof distributors. All modules carry a 30-month manufacturer's warranty.  24-volt units are $155.00 each + $12.00 shipping & insurance. Cost is slightly higher on 6 & 12 volt units depending on the model. See Photo.


Options for Dodge M37 and variants
Civilian Dodge Power Wagons, models WDX- WM300

  1. Cummins diesel engines: 4BTA Re-Con engines, 4 cylinder turbo charged and after cooled 130 horsepower. 12 or 24 volt electrical. Cummins Re-Con engines carry the same warranty as their new engines.
  1. Cummins diesel engine, QSB4.5 all electronic. Brand new, 160 horsepower, with a 20% torque increase over the 4BTA engines. 12 volt electrical only with this engine.
  1. NP-200 transfer case, with a cooling system. Features an auxiliary oil tank, 12 volt pump, cooling core with electric fan, and a spin-on oil filter. On dash monitoring system including an oil temperature gauge, and pilot lamps for pump and cooling fan functions. This system offers the oil cooling necessary for heavy hauling and towing applications. All under body components are protected from damage by expanded metal shielding.
  • Hydraulic power sterring.
  • 4-wheel power disc brakes, with your choice of either vacuum, hydraulic, or air powered boosters, single or dual line system configurations. We also offer boosters for the original drum system.
  • 5.83 ratio axle gearing, (mainly used in off road applications), 4.89 axle gearing performs great in both on and off road applications and offers much improved fuel economy. ARB air lockers offer superior off road performance, they are engaged by the simple flick of a switch when needed. The disengagement feature makes these far superior to automatic type lockers that can not be disengaged when not needed during normal hard surface operation.
  • Heavy duty front wheel lock-out hubs, (WARN TYPE) are now available again, they are rebuildable should the need ever arise, far superior over the other types of power wagon hubs that are available.
  • Electrical, we custom build our wiring in house to meet the need at hand. Specialty systems often needed in fire and other emergency vehicle applications are no problem. Special application interior or exterior switching/monitoring panels also available and custom built in house.
  • 12 or 24 volt heavy duty electric wiper kits are standard on our rebuilt trucks. They feature extreme duty arms and blades, the motors have an automatic return to park feature that parks both blades at a preset park position each time the switch is turned off.
  • Radial tires, both on road, off road, or combination tread design patterns.
  • Custom built all aluminum radiators and charge air coolers. We also offer recoring service for original radiators.

IF WHAT YOU NEED IS NOT LISTED, call or email us, we will design and build the systems you need to meet your specifications.

Phone: 704.474.4683


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Custom built engines on the test stand.

This engine has a custom cam grind, dual 2 barrel carburetors, custom intake, and exhaust headers. Our main goal with this build was to increase torque, also picked up 40 additional horsepower. See Photos   This 230 is custom built for a M37. Chrysler silver with black accessories were the original colors used on all M37 engines at the factory. See Photos
Phone: 704.474.4683    




New Vehicle Upgrade Options

M35A2 Hydraulic power steering system

This is a full hydraulic assist steering system. A hydraulic pump that is gear driven off the multifuel engine’s front gear train powers the assist unit. Enjoy the ease of steering your deuce with 1 finger, this system makes it possible.

Call for details 704.474.4683See Photos

M35A2 Electric Windshield Wiper Kit

Available in either 12 or 24-volt, this system performs great in any weather conditions. The motors are controlled from a single dash mounted switch. The system features 2-speed operation and has an automatic return to park feature that independently brings the blades to rest at the same point each time the switch is turned off. The adjustable arms and blades are extreme heavy duty. A washer system can be easily added also.

Call for details 704.474.4683See Photos

M35A2 Dual Circuit Brake System Upgrade

We have designed a long overdue dual circuit upgrade system. This includes a new dual circuit master cylinder with a remote firewall mounted fluid reservoir. No more checking and adding fluid through the hole in the floor. It features a separate booster for front and rear axles. It has long been a concern that failed components or damaged fluid lines anywhere in the system would likely bring full brake system failure. With this upgrade, if a component failed or a fluid line was broken in the front axle circuit, fully capable rear brakes will remain active or vise – versa, if rears failed, front brakes would still be active enabling the operator to remain safely in control of his vehicle.

Call for details 704.474.4683See Photos

Buy / Sale

1968 M715, excellent core vehicle for Cummins repower, rust free body, $3,500.

Various NOS & used parts available for M37, M715, call with your needs (no picture)

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Portable 2-Stage Fire Pump With 4-Cycle Honda® Eng STRIKER 2










The Striker II is very versatile for such a compact unit. It is capable of providing high-pressure nozzle streams for direct attack or volume flow for water handling at lower pressure. The Striker II is a portable unit, which can also be used on a slip-on. The pump end utilizes many interchangeable parts with the MARK-3®, BB-4 and Ultra-Striker pumps. It can be used by itself, in tandem or in parallel with other Wildfire pumps.

This engine meets the strict emissions standards of the US EPA and CARB 2000 regulations.

*Striker II shown with steel carry frame B-7272 and hand-pump priming sytem.

Engine Specifications
Honda® Model
Maximum power

Starting system
Ignition system
Oil capacity
Integral fuel tank
11 HP (8,2 kW)
4-cycle, air-cooled Single cylinder, overhead valve
Electric with backup recoil starter
Transistorized magneto
2.52" (64 mm)
3.23" (82 mm)
337 cc (22.7 cubic inches)
Oil (splash)
1.16 US quarts (1,1 L)
1.72 US gals (1.43 IMP gals, 6,5 L)
Pump Unit Specifications
  • 25-16, detachable 2-stage centrifugal pump end
  • Quick release pump clamp
  • Belt driven speed increaser
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy pump parts
  • Anodized pump parts for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Mechanical rotary seal
  • Governor system for overspeed protection
  • 2” (51 mm) NPSH suction threads
  • 1 1/2” (38 mm) NPSH discharge threads
Fuel consumption

0.93 US gal/hour (0.77 IMP gal, 3,5 L)
29 3/8" (75 cm)
17 3/4” (45 cm)
19" (48 cm)
119 lbs (54,2 kg)

  • US Forest Service approved spark arrestor
  • Electric starter
  • Foam and retardant solutions pumping capability
  • Rubber protection caps A-5536
  • Rubber protection caps A-5537
  • Painted steel carry frame with vinyl grips B-7272

  • Hand-pump priming system
  • Control panel 180-002-01
  • Thread protector 1 1/2” (38 mm) NPSH, NH or quick-connect A-2161
  • Repair tool kit A-2355
  • Thread protector 2” (51 mm) NPSH A-2688
  • Control panel A-7198
  • Thread protector 1 1/2” (38 mm) NPSH, NH or quick-connect A-7465
  • Painted extended steel carry frame with vinyl grips B-7232
  • Battery and cable kit B-7459
  • Electric priming pump B-7498
  • B1-11 conversion kit B-7546
  • Thread protector 1 1/2” (38 mm) NPSH, NH or quick-connect FA-4


Aluminum Water Tank and Skid Unit for M37
  • 245 Gallon as shown
  • .125 5052 Marine grade aluminum
  • Fully tig welded inside and out
  • Reinforced corners for added strength
  • Extensive baffling for slosh control and strength
  • Fill box with latching led
  • Double layer wear plates at fender area
  • 4" Sump with 2.5" outlet 1" recircutalor fitting
  • 1/4" Thick extruded aluminum runners
  • All stainless hardware
  • Retractable hose reel
  • Fully plumbed turn key skid unit
  • Diamond plate
  • 4FT Long sliding drawers w/latch for dry storage
  • Custom aluminum storage boxes
  • Custom tanks also available

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