M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43,V41, M56 military trucks.
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6916 Hyw. 200 Concord, N.C.

2 Dodge M37's CUMMINS repowered, all updates, sand blasted, powder coat primed, finished with 4 coats acrylic enamel, emergency vehicle red, chrome headlights & hood latches, used as brush fire fighting units in the Reed Gold Mine area of Cabarrus County, N.C.

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Tom B,
Pensacola, Florida

Truck has been involved in a front-end collision, with major damage to frame and other components. Will be restored back to original A3 specs. Keep checking back to see photos of the full restoration.

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Bernard B.
NOR-CON Specialties,
specializing in concrete restoration
Chesley, Ontario Canada


Cummins Diesel repower, with 5-speed over-drive transmission, complete electrical rebuild with 12 volt conversion, custom instrument panel with master electrical disconnect/anti-theft switch, keyed ignition switch, electric windshield wipers, backup lights & reverse alarm; automatically activated when shifted into reverse, cold start grid heater for cold climate cranking in remote areas, 110 volt engine oil & coolant heaters for cold climate, custom shock mounted all aluminum radiator, complete driveline rebuild, including transfer case, front & rear differentials upgraded to 4.89 ratio gearing & posi-track locker in the rear, front disc brakes, rebuilt rear drum brakes with a dual reservoir master cylinder, hydraulic power steering, front steering knuckles, drag links, etc. Installed Michelin Radial tires (supplied by owner), all new seals, weather-strips around doors & windows. We did no bodywork or painting on this project as that had been previously done by the owner & is in very good condition.

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1967 Kaiser - Jeep M715 truck - trailer combination
James W.
Bluff City, TN.

Cummins 4BTA turbo - after cooled diesel engine, 5-speed over-drive transmission, 12 volt electrical system with all new custom wiring & master disconnect/anti-theft device, original cab hard top with addition of foam backed vinyl insulation, heater & defroster, Stewart- Warner instrumentation, hydraulic power steering, Yokohama radial tires, front wheel lock-out hubs, cab interior lighting, electric wipers, all foam seat cushions with Beachwood canvas, 4 wheel disc brakes with dual reservoir master cylinder, tinted glass, finished with 4 coats of OD green acrylic enamel. Custom design trailer built from M715 bed & frame.

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Honolulu, HI.

Acquired vehicle, body off restoration, every component on truck disassembled, inspected, & rebuilt as needed, NEW 6 cylinder CUMMINS engine, 5-speed over-drive transmission, air shift transfer case, hydraulic power steering, stainless steel exhaust system, 100% new air lines, 100% new brake system to include steel lines & flexible hoses,12 volt conversion,100% new custom wiring harness, dual strobe lights, all new gauges with tachometer, master disconnect electrical safety & anti-theft device, new seats, including spring ride drivers seat, new crane cab seat, acoustical insulation in cab interior, cab interior lighting, sealed beam back-up lights, OSHA approved back-up alarm, front wheel lock-out hubs, new 9.00x20 military non-directional tires, crane & hydraulic equipment disassembled, inspected, & rebuilt as needed, all hydraulic lines & hoses new, new winch cables throughout, entire vehicle sand blasted, primed & painted with 4 coats of military OD semi-gloss enamel while disassembled, reassembled with all new hardware, custom decals per customer specifications, nothing left unturned on this vehicle, 8 months time spent on this restoration, complete vehicle in excellent & near new condition.

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1954 Dodge M37
Lt. Colonel R. & Vickie W.
Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Full restoration back to original, with the exception of 4.89 ring & pinion gears & front wheel lock-outs.

George P.
Charlotte, N.C.

Dodge M37 Rebuilt original Dodge 230 engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, converted to 24 volt alternator, all new military wiring harness, power steering, 4-wheel disc brakes.

George P.
Charlotte, N.C.

M101 3/4 ton trailer 100% body-off restoration,sandblasted, wet coated with etching primer, finished with OD green semi-gloss enamel, 3 new 9.00x16 tires, all new military wiring harness, lighting, & inter-vehicular cable, new shocks, brake system rebuilt, new wheel bearings & seals, all new oak boards on sides and top bows.

Larry M.
Roswell, GA.

M35A2, acquired vehicle, refurbished mechanically,
painted 3 color camo, installed vinyl cab top

Larry M.
Roswell, GA.

M37 rebuild transfer case, regear differentials with 4.89 gears, front wheel lock-out hubs, installed 4-wheel disc brakes with dual reservoir master cylinder, power steering, electrical rebuild.


800 Series 5-Ton Dump Truck, owned by
Cabell G.
Raleigh, NC

Adjust power take-off / hydraulic control linkage for
proper dumping operation; replace left intermediate
rear wheel hub seal.

Steve S., Orleans, MA. M37

Complete body-off restoration, finished in Air Force
Strata-Blue. Rebuilt to original except for a custom
built wiring harness with key operated ignition switch,
power steering, radial tires, & front wheel lock-out
hubs. Every component on the truck was 100% rebuilt
to new specs. We also did extensive sheet metal repair
as sand blasting revealed that at some point in time the
truck had been involved in a collision; the body was in
very rough condition. Check out the photos to see
the entire process of restoration.

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Ernest H., US Army active, M38Al

Service performed:
100% engine rebuild with 24-volt electronic ignition.
Resealed all drive train components.
100% brake system rebuild to original.
Rebuilt steering knuckles.
Cleaned & sealed fuel tank interior.

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Scott S., Savannah, GA. M37

Installed Hercules DT 3.7 Diesel engine, rebuilt transmission, transfer case, totally rebuilt differentials including 4.89 ring & pinion gears, front disc brakes w/dual reservoir master cylinder, rebuilt rear brakes, steering knuckles, power steering, 24 volt electric windshield wiper kit, &wiring harness.

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Todd B., 800 series 5-ton dump truck

Installed complete air brake system on front & rear wheels, rebuilt Cummins PT fuel pump & injectors, run engine top end adjustments, minor maintenance of entire truck, rebuilt & adjusted dump hoist control box, installed front axle inner oil seals.

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Jim A., Shelby, N.C. M151A1

Complete tune up, all new reproduction wiring harness, rebuilt brake system, rebuilt suspension system, rebuilt drive shafts, installed new wheel bearings/seals, rebuilt distributor, & other minor maintenance.

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