M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43,V41, M56 military trucks.
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Bob M.

“CURRENTLY IN PROCESS” 1945 M20 Armored Car. This WWII vintage vehicle looked to be in very nice condition when it came to us; however we found that not to be the case at all quickly after getting into the project in depth. Every component, including the tub has now been completely rebuilt and restored back to original or better. It is currently getting final paint with final assembly soon to get underway. More pictures to come as we progress with assembly and testing.

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Southside VFD
900 series 5-ton truck converted for Brush Fire fighting

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3053A Transmission Front Bearing Retainer Upgrade.

Some 3053 and 3053A transmissions used in M35 and M35A1 and A2 trucks are simply prone to oil leakage via the input shaft bearing letting oil escape into the flywheel housing where it drips out the weep hole. Oil can also contaminate the clutch disc in some cases. We have designed and built a sealing package into the front bearing retainer that stops the drip and keeps the oil in the transmission where it belongs. It is an easy upgrade when the trans is pulled for clutch replacement or at rebuild time. We have used this for several years in our rebuilt and upgraded transmissions with outstanding results to date.

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1963 Dodge M37B1, "BUDD"
wned by D & K Crickey., Dawsonville, GA

“BUDD” is owned by D & K Crickey of Dawsonville, GA. It has been an exciting project from the start as Doug made an early decision to go with a Cummins Diesel QSB4.5 all electronic engine. We gave him a choice of the older 4BTA Cummins or the newer all electronic QSB engine. This was the first all electronic Cummins we had installed into a military application. I must say I have been impressed by the electronic Cummins every step of the way. Looking back now that it’s finished, it’s the sort of thing that makes me wonder why we weren’t using all electronic engines long before now. The 4BTA engine we have used for years is no longer offered as a new engine by Cummins as of January 2010, they no longer meet current EPA guidelines, so in order to install a brand new engine, we were forced to change over to the all electronic EPA compliant versions. It is becoming more popular as our next major project, a 1956 civilian Dodge Power Wagon will be getting the same engine upgrade. Go here for more of this story . . .

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M715 Brush Fire Truck
Enochville, Fire & Rescue, Enochville, NC

Thank you to Enochville Fire & Rescue for choosing M Series Rebuild LLC to perform upgrades to your JEEP M715 brush fire truck.

The military surplus 1968 model Jeep M715 received a new 130 horsepower 4BTA Cummins diesel engine and Spicer 5-speed fully synchronized overdrive transmission, a new Saginaw hydraulic power steering system, dual circuit power boosted brakes, and all new upgraded 12-volt electrical and lighting systems for both the truck and rear mounted pump and hose reel units. Check here to see slideshow


1956 C3PW Dodge Power Wagon
Bill G, MA

Next project underway, this truck will be getting many upgrades, QSB Cummins Diesel, 5-speed overdrive, a custom instrument panel, and many other goodies along the way. Owner specified colors are “Timken” Orange body with “UPS” Brown fenders. It is in the disassembly phase at this time, soon to be out for blasting and powder coating.

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1963 Dodge WM300 flat fender Power Wagon
John B.,
Vero Beach, Florida,

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Service performed:

100% rebuild of all drive train components to include transmission, pto, transfer case, front & rear differentials, & front winch, using all new bearings & our pinion seal upgrade kit. Winch got a certified assembly of 175' of new 6X37 cable with 5' grade 100-leader chain, hook, & connecting hardware. Leader chain is inserted in a Kevlar cover,100% brake system rebuild back to original.

The 251 engine received a complete tune-up to include an electronic ignition system. The cracked exhaust manifold was repaired & an all new aluminized exhaust system installed.

This truck was previously used in a wrecker application. For this reason the front bumper components had been heavily modified with additional items welded in place & the whole set up was bent out of shape & distorted from heavy use. Restoration of this area required that everything be disassembled, (cut apart). We were able to salvage & repair/straighten all the original components. This took some time & serious skill to bring this area back to original. As you can see in the photos, it turned out quite well in the end.

Rust damage had taken its toll on the cab frame mounts. These were cut out & replaced by welding new metal into the cab.


Ed M., Durango, Colorado,
1951 Dodge B3PW flat fender Power Wagon

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Service performed:

Installed a new Cummins 4 cylinder turbocharged - after cooled diesel engine with 5-speed over-drive transmission. The heart of the engine cooling system is a custom built all aluminum radiator with coolant recovery reservoir & custom anodized aluminum M Series cap, (see a top view of this cap in the photo link for this truck, the one pictured has our logo machined in the top. We can supply a custom cap with any logo you choose). The system also includes a coolant filter with an easily replaceable spin-on filter element. The Cummins has spin-on full flow & by-pass oil filters along with a K&N reusable high flow air filter; recommended by Cummins for maximum engine life.

All new custom wiring, enclosed circuit breaker box, 12-volt system using 3 high amperage batteries & 150 amp alternator to provide needed power for a large rear mounted electric winch to be added in the future. Original gauges were utilized with the addition of a tachometer & hour meter. A Signal-Stat turn signal system was installed. New instrument panel switches were installed into the original format. A large capacity master disconnect switch was installed at the battery box along with the control solenoids & 125 amp fuses for the Cummins intake air coldstart grid heater which is activated by a push button switch on the instrument panel.

All drive train components were 100% rebuilt using all new bearings & our seal upgrades. The differentials got 4.89 gearing & ARB Air-Locker upgrades as well.

Brake system was upgraded to 4-wheel disc & a dual reservoir master cylinder. All new system fluid lines were installed also.

A new hydraulic power steering system was installed; the original steering wheel & column assembly was kept in place for an original cab appearance.

The winch was rebuilt & now utilizes a certified rope assembly which consist of 175' of ½ " cable with grade 100 - leader chain, hook, & connecting hardware. The leader chain is inserted into a Kevlar sleeve. This stops chain rattle during vehicle operation, protects against the chain damaging items during winching operations, etc.

An extreme heavy-duty 12-volt electric windshield wiper system was installed per owner specs. This truck will be used in hard Colorado winters, the owner wanted a wiper system that was up to the task. Extreme duty arms & blades complete the system.


Ward T., Canton, OH.

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DODGE M37; completely disassembled & built from the bare frame up. Considerable body panel repairs were done as a fair amount of rust through damage was revealed after the blasting process was completed. This was an ex-brush fire truck & of course had the usual fire service modifications of holes cut in body panels, etc. Cutting & welding in new panels repaired rust damaged & modified areas. All mechanical components were built to new specs using TIMKEN bearings & seals exclusively throughout.

It has a new 130 horsepower Cummins 4BTA turbocharged, after cooled diesel engine with an optional cold start system, K&N high-flow air filter with an instrument panel filter restriction indicator, custom all aluminum radiator with coolant recovery reservoir, Spicer 5-speed over-drive transmission, New Process two-speed transfer case, Dodge differentials built with 4.89 ratio gearing, 12 volt electrical system, dual 12 volt batteries providing 1,700 cranking amps, Stewart-Warner electronic instrumentation, all new custom wiring harness with enclosed 7 circuit breaker box, electric windshield wipers, back up lights & reverse alarm, dual fan cab heater offering 33,000 BTU output, 4 wheel disc brakes with dual reservoir master cylinder, hydraulic power steering, sprayed on bed liner, radial tires, custom made black vinyl cab top, M35A2 style stack type chrome exhaust system & stainless steel Jr. west coast mirrors, custom grill guard & auxiliary driving lights.

Windshields & door windows were replaced with bronze tinted safety glass, all new weather-strips throughout, Vince Clark Upholstery of Norwood, N.C, did seats in black vinyl. The truck is finished in the TIMKEN corporate color logo of Timken orange & black urethane buffed to a high gloss, as this truck will be used in the advertisement of Timken's broad product coverage in the automotive aftermarket. Framework & a banner for set up in the bed of the truck with the TIMKEN corporate logo was designed & built by Don Forkey & crew, Cadillac Sign Company of Norwood, N.C. to be used in parades & other advertising promotions. We were very honored that TIMKEN chose M-Series to build this truck.

Enjoy browsing through the photos of the build process; it is an exceptionally detailed build with lots of little extras. The truck was transported to the Timken Research Center in Canton, OH. by Ray Patton Trucking of Hillsville, VA.


Todd B., Corbin, KY.
800 series 5-ton dump truck

Installed complete air brake system on front & rear wheels, rebuilt Cummins PT fuel pump & injectors, run engine top end adjustments, minor maintenance of entire truck, rebuilt & adjusted dump hoist control box, installed front axle inner oil seals.

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Jim A.
Shelby, N.C. M151A1

Complete tune up, all new reproduction wiring harness, rebuilt brake system, rebuilt suspension system, rebuilt drive shafts, installed new wheel bearings/seals, rebuilt distributor, & other minor maintenance.

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