M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43,V41, M56 military trucks.


It all started in 1985 when I bought a 1963 Dodge M37B1 to use as a service truck in my grading business. Having spent 3 years on active military duty in Europe where I was able to operate and service various trucks and equipment, I quickly gained respect for military trucks. The M37 is one tough vehicle, I liked the truck for lots of reasons but knew it would be much more serviceable with a few upgrades, like diesel power, better brakes, higher speed ring & pinion gears and POWER steering. I soon learned of the Hercules diesel repower engine and was able to link up and see a prototype truck at a rally at White Owl Parts Company in Kinston, N.C.

I purchased the first repower package sold in the U. S. and installed it in my M37. A few weeks later I was approached about selling and installing some engines in my area of the southeast. I was affiliated with the Hercules program for a few years until Hercules was bought out and eventually went out of business. Inquiries kept coming for diesel repower units, especially the M37. I set out to engineer a repower unit to be marketed for the M37, and after much checking with various manufacturers, decided on a CUMMINS 4BTA, 3.9 liter, 130HP diesel and a Spicer 5-speed overdrive transmission.

I have since left the grading business, and what started as a need for a good off road service truck, a desire to make it better, then a part time business, mainly for a winter job when weather was to bad for grading, has turned into a full time M-SERIES truck repair, rebuilding, restoration, and repower, business.


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